Kidsnet does not use crawlers, spiders, keyword analysis or automated technologies associated with blocking and filtering.  Consumer Reports states blocking and filtering over-blocks and under-blocks too often to be an effective Parental Control solution.

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Installation & Configuration - User Manual
Quick Guide - Kidsnet Quick Guide

If you purchased Kidsnet from a reseller such as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) a reseller or an affiliate you may need to contact them for help.

If you purchased your software directly from Kidsnet you get Free Priority next business day e-mail support.á Please e-mail any questions to support @ (no spaces in the e-mail address)

If you need telephone support there is a charge of $9.95 per call and you will need a credit card to use this service.á Telephone support is available by calling the main number at 1-904-647-4491 M-F 9 to 5 EST - USA.

Kidsnet is a security program, once installed you can not uninstall it without the adult ID and password.á If you have forgotten your password please use the "Forgot password" feature built into the Kidsnet website to retrieve it.

Installing Kidsnet will:

  • Change your Computer Browser's Home Page to the Kids Site Hazoo ( You will not be able to change this setting without uninstalling Kidsnet.
  • Filter the computers access to Internet Web pages based on the Web page content. There is no "over-ride" that allows accessed to the blocked page
  • Kidsnet is for computers running Windows Operating Systems with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers - Kidsnet will not work with Apple or Linux based computers.
  • Kidsnet comes with free e-mail technical support. Phone calls for technical support are $9.95 per support incident.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How do I install Kidsnet?
How do I uninstall Kidsnet?
I am having trouble installing what can I do?
How can I contact Kidsnet?
How can I get a web-site unblocked?

How do I install Kidsnet?

Follow the directions on the install page. If you have any problems contact us. (top)

How do I uninstall Kidsnet

You can uninstall Kidsnet by clicking on the uninstall link on this Web page. You will need the e-mail address and password you created when you purchased Kidsnet. (top)

I am having trouble installing what can I do?

If you click on the install icon and nothing seems to happen that is normal.  If you are still able to access websites that contain pornography check the settings in your browser to see if the install was successful.  Within Internet Explorer choose from the menu bar Tools --> Internet Options --> Connections --> LAN Settings and make sure the proxy server address and port are filled in (they will be "greyed out).  (top)

How can I contact Kidsnet

You can contact us using the information on the contact us page.

How can I get a web site unblocked

By default only Web sites that have been reviewed and do not contain objectionable material (i.e. porn, gratuitous violence, etc.) are allowed.  If there is a Web site you would like reviewed please e-mail it to us at support @ (remove the space before and after the @ symbol). (top)


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